Jasons' Approach.

“With high values, morals, and beliefs, my aim is to provide insight, outreach, and support to several different causes each year that demonstrate a high priority of need.”

His Mission.

“Not only will this help the treatment industry in their goal to connect the right patient to the right program, but it will also reach tens of thousands of people—perhaps even hundreds of thousands of people—when they need it most.”

Jason Brian

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker

Jason started down the road to becoming an entrepreneur at a very young age. After graduating high school, he found himself in an interesting situation when his parents told him they would be moving to another state. He had a choice to either find a job, so he could save up enough to move into a place of his own, or he would have to move to a small town in Georgia where he had no friends, no connections other than his parents, and no job prospects.


Jason looked through the newspaper classified ads in the hopes of finding an interesting career that also paid well. He saw a listing for a position that didn’t include any information about the job other than saying you could make $5,000 a month with no experience necessary. Jason made $11,000 in sales during his first month on that job, which got him started on the path towards becoming one of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs.


Due to his immediate success in the automobile sales industry major corporations asked him to help create a system to increase lead generation for their brand. After spending a few years perfecting his cutting-edge system, he went out on his own and secured capital to launch AutoCricket.com. AutoCricket.com was a marketing and lead generation company focused on the automotive and insurance trade. Through Jason’s leadership, Auto Cricket quickly grew to become the industry’s largest lead generation company in the country.


During this time Jason never lost sight of the things that have always been important to him. At the peak of the AutoCricket.com, Jason over saw over 500 employees and multiple companies. Jason still made time to attend Church every, where he worked as the Musical Director. Jason also volunteers a lot of his time working with various charities and non-profit organizations.



Jason is the Founder and CEO of Redwood Recovery Solutions, the corporation behind a group of behavioral healthcare marketing brands based out of West Palm Beach, Florida. Founded in 2014, the company provides B2B and B2C business services to the addiction treatment industry.


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Jason has been involved in many philanthropic causes over the years. He says that, “With high values, morals, and beliefs, my aim is to provide insight, outreach, and support to several different causes each year that demonstrate a high priority of need.”


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Motivational Speaker

Jason is a nationally acclaimed speaker and expert at executing successful strategies focused on marketing, sales, leadership and team building. He is a much sought after panelist at events and conferences throughout the United States. Jason is a master at problem solving and finding ways to make us think about new and creative ways to solve problems that have been around for years.


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