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JASON BRIAN: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Consultant, Motivational Speaker

Jason works with companies as a consultant to create and implement proven marketing strategies; strategies centered on the core of a business and what their products, services and objectives truly are. Jason evaluates each businesses’ inner workings, leadership, quality control, financial structure, and existing marketing strategies to develop a detailed marketing plan, the precise marketing message, and help launch the correct balance of assets in order to achieve the goals set. Jason will also help establish fail safe strategies to monitor results, offer analysis for changes to get the best results and ensure that the companies get the rewards from the results.


Jason is skilled and knowledgeable in consumer behavior and marketing processes from years building numerous businesses that established him as Palm Beach’s “Whiz Kid” at a very young age.  His very first venture was, a marketing and lead generation company focused on the automotive and insurance trade. Through Jason’s leadership, Auto Cricket quickly grew to become the industry’s largest lead generation company in the country. Jason is also the Founder and CEO of Redwood Recovery Solutions, the corporation behind a group of behavioral healthcare marketing brands based out of West Palm Beach, Florida. Founded in 2014, the company provides B2B and B2C business services to the addiction treatment industry. Currently, he is involved in numerous businesses ranging from the re-emergence of Luxury Tanning Salons and Real Estate, to consultation work ranging from Charity and Non-Profit organizations to Fortune 500 companies.

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Jason has spoken on a variety of topics at panel sessions, workshops and industry conferences.

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