Professional Speaker & Sales Trainer

JASON BRIAN: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker

Jason has spent his career understanding what motivates others to take action, whether it be in sales or life in general. He started out as sale rep and completely immersed himself in learning what it would take to become the best salesperson possible in the shortest amount of time. Jason was then able to take the skills and techniques he learned and perfected to become one of the youngest and highest paid individuals in the automobile industry.


Jason is a much sought after public speaker, motivating crowds of people at the various events he attends throughout the year. He has also moderated many workshops featuring top industry professionals and keynote speakers. Jason has a unique style that is different from most speakers in that he truly cares about getting those that follow him to use the talents and abilities they have to become a leader in their chosen field.


Speaker Topics

Jason has spoken on a variety of topics at panel sessions, workshops and industry conferences.

  • Thought Leadership and Building a Great Team
  • Finding Qualified Leads for Your Treatment Center
  • Translating Lead Generation on the Internet to the Addiction Treatment Field
  • Exposing the Truth on Treatment Center Marketing
  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Conference Events
  • Top Networking Tips for Before, During and After Your Next Conference
  • Why Aren’t You Tracking Calls?
  • Using Call Tracking to Monitor Your Ad Campaigns
  • Why Monitoring Your Online Presence is Important
  • Don’t Drop the Ball on the Call
  • Your Patients are More than Revenue Dollars
  • Providing Personalized Customer Service to People Calling Your Facility
  • Getting Paid in Behavioral Healthcare
  • Ethical Business Practices in Behavioral Health
  • Navigating the Legal Process
  • Motivating Different Personality Types
  • I’m In Charge… Now What?
  • Sales Techniques That Actually Work
  • Leadership Isn’t Just A Word
  • The Mindset Of Winner Doesn’t Just Happen
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Effective Public Speaking
  • Finding What You Are Great At
  • Overcoming Mistakes
  • Effective Decision Making

If you’re interested in having Jason speak at your event, go to the Invite Jason to Speak  page and submit your request.