Auto Cricket

Revolutionary system that simplified the process for consumers looking for a new car, car insurance or auto financing.

CompanyAuto CricketIndustryAutomotive Insurance


Year Founded: 2008

Status: Sold in 2013

Purpose: Revolutionary system that simplified the process for consumers looking for a new car, car insurance or auto financing.



Auto Cricket provided insurance agencies with the best revenue increasing products in the market. The company prided itself on employing people who proved themselves to be professional and ethical with a total commitment to the company, its values, and its mission.


Jason got his start in the business world working for a car dealership shortly after graduating from high school. He worked his ways up quickly from sales, to marketing, then finally tinto management. Jason recognized the need for an online search site for people looking for the best rates on auto insurance. Jason resigned from the car dealership to take this innovative idea and enter the market place.


In 2008, Jason founded using $10,000 of his own savings. was a marketing and lead generation company focused on the automotive and insurance trade. Through Jason’s leadership, Auto Cricket quickly grew to over 450 employees in three countries and was the industry’s largest lead generation company in the country.


Because of the system that Jason developed Auto Cricket attracted the attention of two investors who invested $250,000 after realizing the potential growth of the company and the leadership Jason brought to the table even at a young age. The site generated $1.2 million in revenue in 2009, when Brian was only 22 years old. In 2010 Auto Cricket brought in $6 million in sales.


After turning down numerous offers Jason sold to a private investment firm in 2013.

Auto Cricket’s Business Model

Auto Cricket was a top lead provider connecting insurance agents with consumers ready to buy an insurance product. The website helped consumers across all 50 states find the best rates by providing multiple insurance quotes from a multitude of insurance agents. made money by selling customers’ information to dealers and manufacturers, who marketed to customers directly.


Auto Cricket allowed people to search hundreds of databases and focused on 4 main service areas:

  1. Find insurance – resource to compare rates and save on auto insurance
  2. Buy a new car – searchable database of new and used cars for sale
  3. Get financing – for new and used vehicles
  4. Educational resources – knowledge bank of insurance and DMV laws by state


Redwood Recovery Solutions Transition

Not complacent with taking an early retirement after the sale of Auto Cricket in 2013, the self-made millionaire wasted no time getting involved in a new business venture and founded Redwood Recovery Solutions in 2014.


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